5 Tips to Boost Your ROI from Facebook Ads

I frequently talk with businesses about how their Facebook ads are performing, and one thing is clear: Facebook advertising perplexes most business owners and marketers. There’s a reason for this … Facebook advertising is COMPLEX and involves far more than “boosting a post” or creating an ad. In auditing many Facebook accounts, we see numerous mistakes over and over. Here …


$200/mo Facebook Ad Spend…REALLY?

Lately we’ve seen a RASH of Facebook marketers advising $200/month ad spends regardless of client goals. For example, three completely different prospects (a med spa, a mortgage lender, and a B2B service provider) reached out to us after their “expert” Facebook ad agency failed to deliver numerous quality leads to their door, despite promising them they could do so for $200/month …

Go Narrow and Prosper

Your Brand is About Your Customers/Clients/Patients/Members

This is the U Creative Group (UCG) mantra and what our brand is built on…U! It’s what your brand should be built on too. Having said that, this is the one area where most small to mid-sized brands (in my experience) are lacking a true competitive advantage. Get this right and you can impact your bottom line dramatically. Unfortunately, this …

iPhone with Twitter Message

Branding on Social Media

Ah, good old social media marketing… I know, there’s so much information online (on all the social media channels) about how to correctly represent your brand on social media that it can be overwhelming to say the least. Which channels to choose, how often to post, what to post, when to post. Ugh, it’s crazy making! And, frankly, so much …

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One of the Most Powerful Words for Your Marketing Promotions

You may be surprised to learn that this powerful word isn’t “SALE” or “SAVE”. [HINT] It’s a word that includes your prospect in the conversation. It draws them in because they understand that you are speaking to their needs and not just giving them lip service about yourself and/or your brand. Figure it out yet? Yep, one of the most …


Generating Quality Leads for Your Brand

$TRATEGY!  I KNOW, THE PLANNING NEEDED TO GET WHERE YOU WANT TO GO IS SO BLAH…UGH! Generating QUALITY leads, getting your ideal prospects to raise their hands and buy, is critical to the health of your brand. The key word, of course, is quality. In this age of social media, this is critical. It’s relatively easy to find (or buy) …


Brand Design, Aesthetics, Theme

Ooohhh, this is the FUN stuff! And oh, so important for all your social media channels (particularly Instagram). Strategically defining your brand aesthetics goes far beyond including your logo on your promotions. Careful consideration must be given to every aspect of the look and feel of your brand across all channels and promotions. Then implementing your brand strategy consistently so …

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Full Funnel Builds

The key to selling successfully online lies in your sales funnel. We take the whole process off your hands, from developing the blueprint through to building and testing it out. Our funnels, on average, generate our clients $50K/month in revenue! Contact us or leave a comment below. Until next time…be different! Barb


Facebook Ad Management

Are you convinced that Facebook advertising could provide your business with qualified leads but just can’t get your campaign dialed in? Or maybe you just don’t have the time or know how to get your Facebook campaigns going? Could be that the agency you hired just isn’t getting the results you hoped for? You want ROI from your marketing efforts. …