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Branding on Social Media

Ah, good old social media marketing…

I know, there’s so much information online (on all the social media channels) about how to correctly represent your brand on social media that it can be overwhelming to say the least. Which channels to choose, how often to post, what to post, when to post. Ugh, it’s crazy making! And, frankly, so much about your brand’s social media strategy is based on your available resources and your audience that cookie-cutter advice can do more harm than good. Just like any other marketing effort, social media requires research, strategy, consistency, a well-defined sales funnel and patience.

Time Suck or Brand Builder?

Both…if you’re doing it right. And that’s exactly why you’ll likely have to contract your social media program out or hire a full-time team member to manage it. Either way, make sure your strategy is built on a solid foundation that will generate revenue and not just “Likes” or “Follows.” Yes, you need the latter, but ONLY if they buy from you <period>.

Here’s the honest truth. I spent many years telling clients that only they can effectively share content on their social media spaces. You know your brand better than anyone ever can, so it only makes sense that you be in charge of your channels and the content that gets posted there. Over time I came to realize that there are at least three problems with this:

  1. Extensive research must be done to utilize social media effectively for brand building. Persona development, deciding on the right channels based on your audience (not the one you’re most comfortable with), determining your hierarchy of hashtags, identifying influencers, setting up your channels correctly, the list goes on and on. Skip this step and you may as well save yourself the trouble of occasional posting on any channel.
  2. Content development is time consuming and often difficult for those not used to doing it. Let’s face it, you’re probably not in the social media business so why would you take all this on when you have another skill set that actually makes you money? Sure, there are literally hundreds of tools available to help you do-it-yourself but tools don’t create content experts. That’s like me trying to repair my own car or develop my own app. It’d take me forever to learn and then accomplish those tasks, and I’d probably still not do it as good as the experts in those fields. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be doing the things that I’m an expert at that generate revenue.
  3. Consistent posting is key in most social media channels. We’re not talking once a month or even once a week, either. We’re talking DAILY and in many instances several times a day! We’ve determined that a comprehensive social media program requires that BOTH you (or someone on your team) AND a contractor are posting to your channel(s) consistently. We make recommendations on frequency, the kinds of content to focus on, what hashtags should be used, how to engage with other brands, etc. when working with clients.

So yes, I’ve changed my tune and even decided that it’s time we started working on our own social media strategy! Yikes! 😉  After hours and hours of research we are developing 2 months of content ahead of our launch on Instagram and Twitter as well as revamping our Facebook page. We really didn’t want to be on all three channels but, based on our goals and our audience, we must. Again, it’s not about us…it’s about U!

Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing all our exciting social media additions in July 2017 and keeping notes in Ublog on what’s working, what’s not and what we’re learning. We’re also managing social media accounts for several client and we’ll be sharing case studies on those in Ublog as well.

Have questions, comments or tips from your own social media successes? Share them below.

Until next time…be different!


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