Generating Quality Leads for Your Brand


Generating QUALITY leads, getting your ideal prospects to raise their hands and buy, is critical to the health of your brand.

The key word, of course, is quality. In this age of social media, this is critical. It’s relatively easy to find (or buy) “Likes” and “Follows” but these frequently aren’t potential customers. Your brand requires LEADS not LIKES (okay, if the Likes are from Leads, that counts!)

Strategy, Not Assumption, Creates Your Winning Lead Generation Formula

When your brand is about your customers you generate quality leads. I know, I harp on this throughout our website (and with every single client, all the time) but it really is key. It’s also where we see the biggest potential for improvement in the majority of the brands we consult with.

Being about your customers means knowing exactly who they are and what motivates them, then creating promotions, on the platforms where they are, that speak to them so clearly that they feel they must raise their hand to buy.

Don’t assume you know who your ideal customers are. Ask them!

Differentiating from your competitors. Here’s another area where we can usually make great strides. While most brand owners/managers think they appear different and better than their competitors, they usually DON’T. To determine if your brand really appears unique, get our free STAND OUT Branding Guide. Most brands are surprised to learn that their prospects can’t really see a difference.

Copy is king when developing your lead generation funnel. This is why knowing your ideal customer is so crucial. When you know who they are you know how to communicate to them in ways that will get them to ACT (opt-in, join, buy). You want to spend more time on your copy than just about anything else.

There’s more but if you focus your efforts on these top three components of your lead generation program, you’ll start seeing results.

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Until next time…be different!


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